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trauma recovery

Trauma Recovery

People can experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions to distressing or frightening events.

These reactions are normal and usually subside as a part of the body’s natural healing and recovery process. There are also things you can do to cope with and ease trauma recovery. However, if your reactions don’t subside after 3-4 weeks please consider seeking professional help.

To learn more about trauma reactions and trauma recovery, please take a look at this useful resource provided by the Better Health Channel.

For our Farsi speaking clients and community, a version of this resource has been translated by Hollyburn Counsellor Akbar Safari, MA, RCC.

Please click below to view or download:

Trauma Recovery Farsi

Akbar is trilingual and, in addition to English, can provide first-language services in Farsi and Turkish for clients requesting this accommodation. He holds a Master of Personality Psychology, and has over 17 years of experience working with youth and families in Psychiatric and Counselling settings. In addition, Akbar has worked with individuals, families, and youth in private practice and family service agencies. You can contact Akbar directly by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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