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Online Counselling

online therapy

Online Therapy – What to Expect from Your Therapist and Yourself

Plenty of promising research studies support the achievement of a solid therapeutic alliance between clients and counsellors using online therapy formats. But, there are some important factors impacting this alliance that include how much experience your counsellor has logged in the world of cyber therapy. Your counsellor’s training in therapy models and ethics are a […]

online counselling security

Online Counselling Security: The Question of Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity

This week, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is widely promoting Mental Health Awareness and we’re pleased to offer our clients a way to maintain their counselling services while adhering to rules for physical distance. But, as quick and easy as this change may seem on the surface, online counselling is still a new frontier.  […]

online counselling

Online Counselling

How Hollyburn’s counsellors have answered the call to continue services for clients through the pandemic crisis.   It’s been a busy couple of months at Hollyburn Family Support Services. As the curtain fell on so many face-to-face services across the agency, our counsellors responded to the COVID-19 crisis by signing up for online counselling trainings. This […]