Supporting Children, Youth, and Families in Greater Vancouver since 1990

Our Leadership Team

Hollyburn Family Services operates with a unique Leadership Team management model. The team is comprised of longstanding, experienced senior management personnel who promote the values and mission of Hollyburn as they assume responsibility and accountability regarding its operations, growth and quality improvement processes. 

The Leadership Team is responsible for:

  • Guidance of the organization through the development and implementation of a strategic plan.
  • Communicating the mandate, values and vision of the organization with all stakeholders.
  • Analyzing outcomes data and employee/client/stakeholder feedback for use in service development and performance improvement strategies.
  • Modeling, monitoring, revising and communicating policy and procedures that form the foundation of the agency.
  • Development of community partnerships, public education opportunities and advocacy initiatives regarding the needs of children, youth, individuals and families.

The Leadership Team Composition:

Alan Kwinter – Chair, Executive Committee. Alan founded the company in 1990 and oversees governance and sustainability. 

Chris Burt – Executive Director.  Chris oversees the operations of the company. Chris holds a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is pursuing his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership. He joined Hollyburn in 2004.

Marie Breton – Director of Special Needs Programs. Marie oversees all of the children and youth special needs residential programs, as well as adult with special needs services. Marie is also a certified CARF Surveyor and NVCI instructor. Marie came on board in 1997.

Sean Hannon – Director of Family Programs. Sean oversees all family support programming and training. Sean is also a certified CARF Surveyor and ensures full compliance of CARF accreditation and all legislative standards. Sean joined Hollyburn in 2015.

Meryl Hershfield– Director of Operations. Meryl is responsible for financial and business operational activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and service delivery. Meryl joined Hollyburn in 2020.

Amy Lewis – Director of Administrative Services. With a legal background, Amy reviews all contracts, regulations and protocols and has oversight of all facilities and vehicles. Amy joined Hollyburn in 2016.

Tim Paul – Director of Adult Services. Tim is responsible for all adult residential programs as well as homesharing and community inclusion services. Tim joined Hollyburn in 2008.

Andrew Spence – Director of Human Resources. Andrew leads a staff team recruiting, screening and administering benefits for 400 plus employees that includes full time, part-time, casual employees and contracted positions. Andrew joined Hollyburn in 2023.

Janet Westcott – Director of Child & Youth Programs. Janet is responsible for all youth residential and outreach programs. Janet has the skill and the versatility to work with a wide age range of youth with complex needs and from diverse cultures. She joined Hollyburn in 2011.