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Free Parenting Webinar – Nov 25, 2021

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Is your child experiencing concerning behaviour? Have you been trying to put a stop to it with no success? Do you often ask yourself why?

It can be so difficult navigating how to help our kids when something is not going well. If this all sounds familiar – we are here to help!


Please join us on November 25th at 7:00pm for a free webinar with Hollyburn Family Services Counsellors Jesse Ross, M.Ed, RCC & Lena Gilbert, MSW, RSW as they break down what concerning behaviour is and how to settle the behaviour by attending to your child’s underlying emotions. They will also discuss why self-care is so important – not only to support your own well-being, but to foster the social emotional development of your child.

Space is limited, so click the link here to register and save your spot!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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