Supporting Children, Youth, and Families in Greater Vancouver since 1990


“Hollyburn is a wonderful company to be a part of. They demonstrate integrity, respect, diversity and support for both employees and clients. They ensure employees have proper training and ongoing professional development programs to expand their knowledge in order to to help clients flourish. Hollyburn is always there on the front line to advocate for their client’s well-being and persevere until they get results. As an employee I have always felt supported by my co-workers and peers, I have never felt hesitant to approach them with any concerns or ideas I may have. As things are forever changing, such as life does, this company continues to grow and thrives in the face of new challenges. Through my short time with Hollyburn, I have been given such a rare opportunity to build strong relationships with many different clients along the way and being able to help them grow knowing their lives are enriched has been incredibly rewarding.” – I.F., Behaviour Support Worker