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online counselling

Online Counselling

How Hollyburn’s counsellors have answered the call to continue services for clients through the pandemic crisis.   It’s been a busy couple of months at Hollyburn Family Support Services. As the curtain fell on so many face-to-face services across the agency, our counsellors responded to the COVID-19 crisis by signing up for online counselling trainings. This […]

Helping Your Teen through COVID-19

Helping Your Teen Through COVID-19 Physical Distancing Challenges

At the moment, you and your teen(s) are living with uncertainty. School has ended early, jobs are being lost or changed in record numbers, and your family can no longer access many of your usual supports.  It’s hard enough for parents and caregivers to balance limit setting while trying to promote some independence in their […]

how to talk to kids

How Do I Talk to My Kids About This?

It would be impossible not to know what is going on in the world right now, at any age. Many adults are glued to their news feeds as information is constantly changing, everyday gatherings are being cancelled or postponed, community spaces are closed, and some grocery stores look like something out of a bad zombie […]

how to live with your adult child

How to live with your adult child

With the rising cost of living in Vancouver, it’s more difficult for young adults to move out of their family homes. But as roles in the family home shift from parent to roommate, relationships are often strained as both parties struggle to navigate new boundaries and revise old expectations. When parenting books and experts offer […]

bereavement support groups

An open letter of support to the North Shore Persian community

January 13, 2020 An open letter of support, information, and sincere condolence to members of the North Shore Persian community, and their supporters From: Hollyburn Family Services and West Coast Family Centres Our collective thoughts and sincere condolences are with the families and friends effected by the tragic plane crash in Tehran, Iran. As providers […]


The problem of control: Co-parenting after divorce or separation

Our previous post discussed the critical difference between influence and control as parents seek to gain cooperation from their children. We can extend this to families adjusting to separation and divorce who face the question of how to parent cooperatively with an ex-spouse or partner.

parental control

Letting Go of Parental Control

Watching your toddler have a meltdown in the grocery store, your eight year old get reprimanded by his soccer coach for goofing around on the field, or your early teen completely ignore your request to put their crap away is enough to trigger the most seasoned and dedicated parent.